Uppsala Monitoring Centre

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is an independent centre for drug safety and scientific research.

What does Uppsala Monitoring Centre do?

We are advancing medicine safety.

We spoke to Matilda Ahnfelt Solution Engineering Manager at UMC to tell us a bit more about the company which is actively hiring.

Why do you feel that Uppsala Monitoring Centre is a great company to work for?

We make the world a better place.

What type of people do you look for in a hire?

People passionate to contribute with their skillset.

What type of culture can new employees expect to find at Uppsala Monitoring Centre

International workspace at the technical and agile forefront.

What kind of career prospects in the future are there for new hires at Uppsala Monitoring Centre?

We will make sure we use your skills  and talent in the best possible way, now and in the future and we are ever evolving and expect that you do too.

Where do you see Uppsala Monitoring Centre going in the next 5 years?

Taking a bigger part in the global medicine safety scene.

What is the very best thing about being part of the team at Uppsala Monitoring Centre?

Our vision.

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