Stardots offers digital neurology solutions from compassionate hearts and bright minds.

What does Stardots do?

Digital neurology solutions from compassionate hearts and bright minds. Our digital health platform will track Parkinson-related symptoms to provide clinicians with objective decision support. A solution based on the needs in the clinic, born from years of research at Uppsala University and developed in cooperation with clinicians and key opinion leaders.

We spoke to Jakob Sandström VP of Engineering at Stardots to tell us a bit more about the company which is actively hiring.

Why do you feel that Stardots is a great company to work for?

Stardots is currently working on a digital platform to increase comfort and peace of mind for Parkinson's patients around the world. At Stardot's you will be part of something new where you'll be able to shape your role. We are a great group of people working with the latest technology, infrastructure and frameworks. If you want to decode the truths to help patients live better lives you should definitely look us up.

What type of people do you look for in a hire?

We are currently looking for fullstack developers or software engineers preferably with experience from medical devices, life science sector and cloud native solutions. We hope to attract people passionate to our cause, to help patients in their daily life and improve their quality of life.

What type of culture can new employees expect to find at Stardots?

You will find a thriving startup of enthusiastic people working in close collaboration with Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital.  It is a very friendly atmosphere and we are all  currently in the works of building the culture and company we want it to be. If you want to leave your mark now is the time to get on board.

What kind of career prospects in the future are there for new hires at Stardots?

We are a rapid growing company with diversified tasks and as we expand there will be plenty of opportunities.

Where do you see Stardots going in the next 5 years?

We are aiming for market launch in USA and EU and are targeting multiple neurological diseases

What is the very best thing about being part of the team at Stardots?

We are helping patients and increase quality of life for people suffering from Parkinson's disease

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