Gradientech is a biotech and diagnostics company dedicated to support the modern microbiology lab with state-of-the-art solutions to facilitate the workflow with time critical samples such as positive

What does Gradientech do?

In-vitro diagnostic medical devices for precision medicine. The first product is near launch where the application is Sepsis treatment using rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing.

We spoke to Marcus Berglund, Technical Leader within medical device development at Gradientech to tell us a bit more about the company which is actively hiring.

Why do you feel that Gradientech is a great company to work for?

We are a small and agile company where each employee makes a real difference.

What type of people do you look for in a hire?

Enthusiastic and driven people with a clear vision of making a difference to the antibiotic resistance issue of the world. It is important to have the heart in the right place for our customers as well as our colleagues.

What type of culture can new employees expect to find at Gradientech

We win together and we loose together. The idea of being an underdog defines our culture and forms us as team. Ideas and discussions are always encouraged where failing is part of our joint efforts going forward.

What kind of career prospects in the future are there for new hires at Gradientech?

The Sky is the limit, we are a multic-disciplinary team where engineers within biotech, chemistry, software, electronics and mechanics meet. This team needs guidance, support and management. The future holds a constant R&D environment where a product can never be good enough where the customers defines our way forward.

Where do you see Gradientech going in the next 5 years?

Additional applications are always being discussed, the only thing we know is that we can not be still. In the short-term out goal is to establish on the market as the state-of-the-art product.

What is the very best thing about being part of the team at Gradientech?

You CAN make a difference!

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