Frontwalker will help you succeed with your next IT project.

What does Frontwalker do?

Frontwalker will help you succeed with your next IT project. We go ahead and keep track of the situation. Our consultants - who are located all over the country - strengthen and improve all types of companies, authorities and organizations on a daily basis.

We spoke to Timmy Hedlund Sales and Consulting Manager at Frontwalker to tell us a bit more about the company which is actively hiring.

Why do you feel that Frontwalker is a great company to work for?

You will get the chance to work at a small growing consulting company, where you can influence the office you actually want to work at. You will surround yourself with like minded people, that believes in doing good things for our society. And at the same time we want to support you as a consultant with freedom, well being programs and personal growth plans. Frontwalker is a Great Place To Work certified company.

What type of people do you look for in a hire?

We are looking for passionate people with a big interest in problem solving and teamwork.

What type of culture can new employees expect to find at Frontwalker?

Our culture is quite simple, we want to make our employees culture carriers. We laugh, fika and have a lot of social gatherings. At Frontwalker everybody has a voice.  Since we spend a lot of our time working, why not make the best out of it?

What kind of career prospects in the future are there for new hires at Frontwalker?

Most plans for the future are unwritten - within Frontwalker you have all the possibilities to shape your own setup. For example you can combine your consultant role with a team leader, consultant manager or even development manager role.

Where do you see Frontwalker going in the next 5 years?

We will keep on being a company who works for "greater good" and by that solving our clients challenges. We will grow, but in our own pace. Last but not least, we have added other areas of expertise that reflects the current stage.

What is the very best thing about being part of the team at Frontwalker?

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team!

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