Aurora Innovation

Aurora Innovation supports the health and medical care to increase their availability and offer world-class customer service.

What does Aurora Innovation do?

Aurora Innovation is dedicated to increasing access to care services and creating well-functioning work environments for healthcare professionals. With our digital platform for contact management, Aurora teleQ, we contribute to better customer service, a better experience for people in need of care and a smoother working process for healthcare professionals.

We spoke to Henrik Westerberg Vice President at Aurora Innovation to tell us a bit more about the company which is actively hiring.

Why do you feel that Aurora Innovation is a great company to work for?

We are an Uppsala based product company making a positive impact in society

What type of people do you look for in a hire?

We are looking for communicative and driven team players with strong interest in the product usage

What type of culture can new employees expect to find at Aurora Innovation?

A friendly and collaborative environment.

What kind of career prospects in the future are there for new hires at Aurora Innovation?

We are in a phase where we are expanding the development teams and there will come opportunities for taking on new responsibilities for driven persons.

Where do you see Aurora Innovation going in the next 5 years?

We are expanding our business a lot, especially into new healthcare markets in Europe, and will become an even more international company. We are steadily growing 15% per year so in five years from now we will be a much larger company. We will also have added a lot of new functionality and transitioned the tech stack further to utilise more cloud technologies.

What is the very best thing about being part of the team at Aurora Innovation?

To be able to make a difference for a lot of people in the society

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